Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Awesome template by Tina Chen

Awesome template by Tina Chen

in your Blgger dashboard ... Cick the desired blog which you like to change the theme, on next page click the Template designer as following image,

On next page, clikc the Awesome Inc. then Aplly the theme.

If you dont understand the procedure,
Please downlaod the Awaesome Inc. blogger template by TinaChen


  1. Very nice template... I think I should use it on my Entertainment Blog right away.

  2. You have did a blogger http://www.weheartgraphics.com/p/links-to-our-sister-sites.html
    I need this template with my name why i have a big communiry chat.
    Answesor me right!

  3. Cool design. The color is similar to my Tech Blogging Tips Blog. It's beautiful, I must commend.

  4. Very nice template for me. now i already use this template.
    my blog "http://alordesh.blogspot.in/"
    so many thanks Tina Chen.
    by Dipa

  5. Very good template.

    I am not able to upload the template. It shows the following error.

    We were unable to save your template.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message:
    There should be one and only one skin in the template, and we found: 0

    Could you please help me?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. well... did you open the template with notepad and mess around with it? if you did that should be the root cause of your error. Just download it again and upload it right away, then you can edit directly on blogger. That should fix you issue.

      Feel free to contact me if you are still having trouble!

  6. Love the template but doesnt pick up comments from Google plus. I have activated my settings for Google plus to do this.


  7. Very nice template, i'll be using this on my Technology and Gadgets blog. And lets see the results.

  8. Nice template, I am using this template for my blog Mobiworld.
    But I had some question
    1.How to increase header backroground
    2. how to reduce empty space above header area
    Thanx for template!

  9. have an issue on the pages on my blog such as this one: http://www.grazingsaddles.co.uk/p/events_25.html

    I want to add some space between the top of the main comtainer and the page title 'Events'. At the moment is it too close to the container and just looks bad.

    I can't edit this in the HTML view of the page and I am not confident enough to start messing around in the site code.

    Any ideas?

  10. Love the template. When I tried to change the line spacing from 2 to 1 I somehow lost the beveled border that I had around each post as well as the separation between posts. NO I did not save the template before I started screwing around with it. I'm sorry. Please please help?

  11. When I was using this template on blog luckyngrI really enjoyed it. Thank you